We offer a full system design and install. 

Removal of old Compressor system and installation of a new one designed perfectly for your business.

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We are one of the UK main suppliers of all Smart Filters

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Screw Compressor COMBI


Trade, small - scale industry

Power Output

5.5 - 22kW

Volume flow acc. to ISO 1217 (Annex c-2009)

8 bar: 0.82 - 3.24 m3/min

10 bar: 0.72 - 2.75 m3/min

13 bar: 0.62 - 2.54 m3/min

Operating pressure

5-13 bar






Screw compressor G-Drive



Power output

30 kW - 75kW

Volume flow acc. to ISO 1217 (Annex C-2009)

3.92 - 13.54 m3/min

Operating Pressure

5-13 bar: stepless settable


Air-cooled (standard)

Water - cooled (option)



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Almig offers the right type of Compressed Air treatment for every requirement.


Clean compressed air

No industrial or craft enterprise can do without compressed air.  It is used in so many different technical applications that any list of applications would remain incomplete.

To ensure optimum use of compressed air, it should be dry, clean and sometimes oil-free.

compressed air treatment is therefore absolutely essential.  However, if it is not provided or is not individually adapted to the requirement profile, this has a negative effect on the entire compressed air system.

it can lead to unnecessary production downtimes and shorten the service life of compressed air consumers.

Reason enough to pay attention to the correct individual compressed air quality.

                                                   Compressed air treatment:

  •  prevents corrosion, wear and malfunctions in the supply network

  • improves the efficiency of the compressed air system

  • extends the service life of compressed air system consumers

  • measurably reduces production costs

  • increases the quality of your products

  • increases productivity


VT Range - Oil Free Air Dental Compressors

Quality is the primary component built into each Bambi VT Oil Free Compressor.

Banbi's revolutionary VT range of Oil free compressors is available with our innovative air dryer unit.  With quality the key word, our oil free, clean & dry air units are class leading and packed with the latest features.

  • Soft start valve

  • Internally coated receiver

  • Air dryer

  • After cooler & coalescing filter

  • Sequential start

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The range 270 L 3 HP, is included in the Professional mobile category and tailored for professionals. However, features such as reliability, stability and sturdiness, make it a suitable option for advanced amateurs as well. The range 270 L 3 HP is perfect for intermittent or frequent use and ideal for applications such as inflating, blowing, cleaning, stapling, painting operations, nailing, spraying, grouting, hammering and many more.

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ABAC PRO B5900B 200 FT5.5 Compressor

5.5HP 22.9cfm 11bar 200ltr 3 Phase
Three Phase
Motor: 4 KW5.5 HP
Max Pressure: 11 Bar
Tank: 200 Litre
Output: 22.9 CFM

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